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Want a clean pup? The Fritz offers bathing services for our boarding and daycare customers, which are provided before you pickup, whether from boarding or a day of daycare!  When you check in, just let the staff know the service you desire and we will have your dog ready to go by the time you pick up.

Unfortunately we do not provide full grooming services at this time (those involving a cut or trim).

The Fritz offers the following grooming services:

  1. Full Bath with Shampoo, Nails, & Ears

  2. Nail Trim with Dremel 

Price varies based on dog size, coat type, and temperament.


Playtime at The Fritz


Multiple Yards

Our facility boasts several large play areas for your dogs to run around and play during their stay! While playing, dogs are monitored at all times by our trained staff. 


Play Groups

Our play yards provide ample room to organize dogs into groups according to their size and temperament, ensuring that each dog finds playmates they will enjoy.


Nap Time

We provide nap time each day where each dog is given their own individual area in one of our climate-controlled buildings.  Naptime is critical to recharge for more play!

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