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Fritz provides the ultimate doggy day care experience in Houston!

When your dog comes to daycare at The Fritz, rest assured that your canine pal is having the most engaging and enjoyable day possible in a supervised environment. All dogs receive lots of love and attention from our trained staff throughout the day.  We treat your dog like our own!

All dogs get playtime throughout the day in our unique open play environment. This means lots of time out in the yards, free to run and hang out!  If you'd like to maximize playtime for your dog, be sure to drop off early and pick up towards the end of the day.   If you would prefer your dog to be out playing in shorter intervals, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs – just let our staff know when you drop off.

The Fritz offers daycare six days a week, Monday through Saturday. We take dogs of all breeds and sizes as long as they meet our Requirements. Play groups are largely based on size, age, and personality of each of our dogs. Contact us today to set up your next play day!


Our Facilities


Multiple Yards

Our facility boasts several large play areas for your dogs to run around and play during their stay! While playing, dogs are monitored at all times by our trained staff. 


Play Groups

This provides us with ample room to organize dogs into groups according to their size and temperament, ensuring that each dog finds playmates they will enjoy.


Nap Time

We provide nap time each day where each dog is given their own individual area in one of our climate-controlled buildings.  Naptime is critical to recharge for more play!

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